Welcome to Flippers and Feathers!


In a sentence, this blog will feature zoological facilities, nature, and the raging debates in-between.

In a little more detail, it will:
– discuss the issues surrounding captivity
– provide detailed reviews of zoological facilities around the world that I have personally visited and viewed with an open yet critical mind, as there is so much often-outdated misinformation floating around
– review nature tours (who are they aimed at?  Is it worth the money?)
– share news about endangered species
– …and pass on anything else that may be relevant or simply interesting.  That may include funny cat videos, because…well, funny cat videos.


Who am I?  I am a nature photographer whose lifelong interest in conservation was greatly enhanced through visits to the Calgary Zoo and the Vancouver Aquarium as a child, where I was able to connect with animals in a more personal and meaningful way.  Although I was unable to finish my original studies in Conservation Enforcement, I am looking to go back to school for Animal Technology and zookeeping courses.  I have hands-on experience volunteering as an educator and wildlife rescuer, and gobble up information left, right, and centre!

So welcome, and stay tuned for more!!!

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